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Actor / Host / Voice Artist

About Me

Once upon a time there was a chubby little redheaded girl from the Santa Cruz Mountains who never felt like she fit in and was constantly being told to use her “inside voice”. And everyday she would go to her bestie’s house next door to create (with her “almost” indestructible GI Joes and stuffies) in The Most Amazing Spectacles that she then coerced her mom and all the adults in the neighborhood to come and watch each weekend.


It was then, in the playroom of my BFF surrounded by everything my imagination could conjure, that I knew I was meant to be a storyteller. So right after I graduated in the top of my class in my tiny little high school, I hopped on a plane bound for NYC with a big dream and a nothing-can-stop-me attitude. 


I’ll never forget that one amazingly sunny day sitting in Bryant Park when that little redheaded girl’s dream came true. My phone rang and I was told that I was now a member of the Cast of Broadway’s The Little Mermaid, getting the honor to swim on stage each night and be a part of that world until it closed. 


A few years later, my world expanded in a way I could never have dreamed, as I took on the most transformative role I’ve ever had- Mom to my two Little Loves - Aurora and August. After taking some time to focus on that role of a lifetime (and a Pandemic later)  I’ve jumped back into my first love - telling compelling stories. I am finding myself being drawn even more to film and television seeing the ever expanding types of complex characters, especially for women, who are showing up on screen. 


Recently I’ve originated lead roles in 2 new musical works and 3 short films and I can’t wait for what’s next. As my fav redhead said “Who says that my dreams have to stay my dreams?”


Michelle Pruiett Demo Reel
michelle pruiett


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